Big Data Engineering Services

Big Data Managed Services for Enterprises

DataWiz Solutions provides enterprise engineering and implementation solutions for identifying important data, how to maintain security and governance with best available management and visualization platforms, tools and processes. Big Data Engineering Services includes recognition of best in class enterprise relevant analytical tools and its proficiency to develop a data-driven culture and attain actionable business insights.

DataWiz facilitates enterprise level blueprints and consulting for building analytical capabilities that can enhance precision in engineering with technology. DataWiz provides implementation on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and Private Cloud.

Big Data Engineering Solutions

  • Modern Big Data Integration: Supports Traditional systems, as well as modern Big Data and NoSQL ecosystem.
  • Big Data Integration platform with AutoMapper and Lambda based on data transformation pipeline.
  • Data Ingestion and Data Transformation from different Sources (API’s, Databases, Files, Message Queues).
  • Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop on Kubernetes
  • Data Modelling and Algorithm Management
  • Real Time and Streaming Analytics with Apache Flink, Apache Spark.
  • Build Big Data Stack on Multi-Cloud.

Our Capabilities

Big Data Security Solutions

Big Data Infrastructure Automation

Big Data Integration Solutions

Data Warehouse and Database Design Architecture


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