Who are we

DataWiz Solutions operates today as a global service provider of enterprise-based IT Services, like Big Data Engineering, Cloud Engineering, DevOps Engineering, 24/7 IT Support, Managed Services, Data Science and Predictive Analytics. From our offices in the US and India, we serve an extremely diverse base of industry and technology clients, from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations. Our dedication, expertise and ability to solve problems fast, have been recognised by customers and partners alike.

Our technical expertise, strong client retention, and corporate relationships stand as our industry differentiators. Our consistent deliveries and work dedication have made our clients entrust us with an average engagement period of 3 years, letting us develop, maintain and handle back-end operations of their core business systems.

We have great people working together as an elite dream team. With this approach, we are a more flexible, fun, stimulating and creative organization. DataWiz is a flat organization with no hierarchies. We believe in an open culture plus we respect opinions. You are free to give suggestions in any technology direction that we should take and helps DataWiz to the next level. Also, DataWiz recognizes the unique skills of professionals, irrespective of gender, ethnicity or nationality.

What do we stand for

Customer Success

Customer success is more important than anything else

Constant Learning

Pushing ourselves for constant learning


Transparency and honesty in whatever we do and say

Entrepreneurial spirit

Spirit of entrepreneurship defines us


Speed and Agility is the motivation in all our actions

Creativity and Innovation

Thinking outside the box

Centers of Excellence

We operate two dedicated Centers of Excellence to accelerate innovation, best practice and problem solving in Systems Integration and Big Data respectively.

From our development hub in India, our teams work across the globe delivering state of the art services to data-driven enterprises. From our commercial operation in the USA, our teams provide face-to-face customer liaison and project management.

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